Hi. I'm Adam. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with my partner Sammy. I work as a technical support rep for the local cable company, Shaw Cablesystems, and as newsletter editor and proofreader-at-large for Mandrakesoft, purveyors of high quality Linux operating systems to the great unwashed. I'm writing this blog because it has so many more geek points than Diaryland, and also because once I'd set WordPress up to prove to myself that a complete webserving luddite could do it in about fifteen minutes, I felt like I ought to fill it up. In my spare time, I like to post on numerous web forums, watch moderately obscure anime, and twiddle with hideously expensive geek toys. This explains why I need two jobs and am still broke. I hail originally from Hale, near Manchester in England. I acquired a BA in History at Pembroke College, Cambridge, with an illustrious (or possibly notorious) bunch of rogues, many of whom may be found on the links page. My future plans are uncertain, although my English teacher once suggested I ought to become the editor of Viz. Watch this space.