So, Damien orders me to write about baseball in my blog, so write I must! Just saw my first Mets game of the season, having carefully avoided the first five losses, and I have this to say - Pedro Martinez is God. A two-hit, one-run complete game against the Braves is great pitching under any circumstances; when you're pitching against John Smoltz with 15 K's, no walks and no runs through seven innings, it takes character as well as skill. Eventually Carlos Beltran ended Smoltz's day and Pedro just outlasted him. The late offence helped, of course, but with Smoltz pitching like he was it would have been easy for the Mets to give up and fall apart as they do too often, and it was all about Pedro holding them together. Jose Reyes was also very, very impressive, he hit well and ran well and just had a great attitude to the game. Despite the poor start I'm hopeful about this season, if a few more key players can get healthy. There Damien, HAPPY NOW?!