Well, Cooker had the Apache default package swapped from 1.3 to 2.0 and PHP from 4 to 5, something changed in the Apache config file and stopped the server running. Ah well. Back up now. Might be down overnight occasionally in the next few weeks, the cable network is being upgraded. Saw the Mets win a nice game against the Diamondbacks yesterday, 6-1 behind Pedro. If you accept the general scale of sports salaries in the first place (which I don't...), that guy has sure been worth every penny that was paid for him. Wow. If we get anywhere this season, it's gonna be about 50% thanks to Pedro. Nice to see Kaz get a big hit, too. I like the guy. I wish people would quit ragging on him so much. Rag on Eyechart instead, it's more fun!