So, time to cover everything in one post... Kat: I had a nice email exchange with Kat's author, who was understandably miffed at me for ripping his baby and made it clear that he doesn't think of Kat as a simple desktop search application but as a framework which will eventually pervade KDE. I'm happy to make that clarification, but I also maintained (and he ultimately agreed) that Kat right _now_, so far as actual useful use is concerned, _is_ a simple desktop search application, and not a very good one. Ultimately, we both think that shipping current Kat for normal users is not a very sensible idea, and he wants MDV to either include an improved version he's hoping to release shortly, or not ship Kat by default in 2006 at all. So I'm happy we ultimately found consensus on that one. I'll certainly try and remember to revisit Kat when it's more mature, and hopefully be able to be nicer about it. I finally got bored of new versions of sound-juicer coming out without me being able to use 'em, so updated to Goetz Waschk's GNOME 2.11 packages, which went disappointingly smoothly. Man, it's hard to break stuff these days. Still, now my sound-juicer has a play button, so that's alright. MDV 2006 is shaping up nicely, and some important bugs (SATA recognition, network configuration, x86-64 dual core support) are being squished, which is great. RC1 is due soon but has been delayed a couple of times while we squish some important bugs; we're really making an effort to make RC1 a true Release Candidate, and not just beta 4, so hang in there, it'll be worth the wait :) In baseball, the Canadians are one win from clinching a playoff spot, which is great, but someone at the Mets seems to have forgotten you have to _win_ games in September to get to October. Namely, the entire offensive lineup. Wakey wakey, guys. When your team can only win games off the back of Jae Seo's one-run masterpieces, you know you're in trouble, even though we can pretty much rely on one of them a week... Have been tinkering some more with my HTPC: I rebuilt Freevo from the CVS 1.5 branch to fix Python 2.4 support, which means it actually reads DVDs again, and I added N64 emulation support via Mupen, so now it can play Playstation, N64 and MAME games, which is nice. This month is looking good for games...Suikoden Tactics, We Love Katamari and a few others are coming, along with the new Game Boy Micro, which I'll pick up in a flash - there's still a ton of classic GBA games I never got around to playing, and this thing will sure beat the crap out of my DS and SP for playing them in little bursts. I'm thinking of getting a Play-Yan (GBA media player adapter) off lik-sang, since my Neuros died recently and I'd rather wait for the iAudio x5 60GB or Neuros III than buy any currently available replacement, so I need something to tide me over in the meantime... there, think that got everything :)