I do sometimes wonder about car companies. They're now saddled with a glut of absurdly gigantic models no-one wants to buy. Hence the advertising campaigns. Honda's big idea to sell its cavernous Pilot model? A series of ads depicting one or two people driving around in the thing. They come across a group of people with Stuff who have gotten into Hilarious Difficulties (two blokes with a cement mixer, a bunch of nudist hot air ballooning enthusiasts - seriously, you can't make this stuff up), and - joy! - because they have 80% of the ridiculous behemoth empty, they can help them out. So Honda is apparently trying to convince us we should buy a stupidly oversized vehicle with room for eight passengers and tons of cargo to drive around on our own or with a friend, just on the offchance that we happen to run into a bunch of naked amateur aeronauts in need of a ride. Yeah...that's gonna sell a lot of minivans, dude. Sheesh.