So today was another day of poking at my shiny stuff. I re-flashed my phone with the awesome Titan Reloaded ROM, which is a tweaked and optimized Windows Mobile 6.1 build with the HTC TouchFlo interface that showed up in later models. I also upgraded the radio firmware and installed WmWifiRouter, which makes a Windows Mobile phone act as a wireless router, sharing its data connection. Which is pretty freaking awesome, and a nice easy platform- and device-independent way to do tethering. Of course it eats battery on the phone, but still, it's pretty damn cool. I'm using it now. The upgrades also enabled the GPS functionality built into the Titan but not enabled in the stock OS (or the firmware/radio I was using before).

Again makes me appreciate how useful it is that the Windows Mobile platform and HTC hardware are pretty open and tweakable; some of this stuff you can't even do on Android yet, even though it's supposedly so open, because no-one's figured out how to talk to the radios at a sufficiently low level. Titan Reloaded is also just an impressive piece of work, it makes it feel almost like a new phone.