So, today's headline news: I finally stopped foot-dragging and put up a public image of Fedlet, my Fedora remix for Bay Trail based tablets. If you have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, Lenovo Miix2, or Toshiba Encore, you can go to that link, grab the live image, and give it a shot. If you have an Asus T100 or something I haven't heard of yet that does not have 800x1280 as its native resolution, hold your horses - that image forces the 800x1280 resolution that is correct for the V8P etc. I'll build an image with 1366x768 resolution forcing (for the T100) tomorrow, probably.

You get a clean(ish) boot to GNOME Shell with working touchscreen and 3D acceleration (and video playback acceleration, if you can legally install the necessary driver - details on the page) and a silly little tool to do screen rotation. No wireless, or bluetooth, or sound, or power status, or accelerometer.

You can get a USB OTG dongle and a small USB wireless adapter to get wifi without making it too un-tablet-ish. I recommend an Asus USB-10N, works out of the box for me.

It's based on Rawhide and is hilariously experimental in all ways, no guarantees whatsoever, lock up your babies. But it works for me!

All the backing code, patches, ugly hacks and packages can be found in this github repo and this package repo. I forgot to put a repo definition in v1 of the image - I'll probably tweak that tomorrow - but it's probably a good idea to enable my repo and skip kernel updates from the official repos, as stock kernels won't boot on these devices yet.

Some very smart folks at Intel and RH and GNOME and elsewhere are working to fix up all the various other bits that aren't quite right yet. At least, if they ever want an end to my incessant bug reports, they are. ;) I'll try and put out updated packages and images regularly.

In other news, this week is more or less my fifth anniversary working for Red Hat. I wasn't going to mention it, but I loved Ricky Elrod's post on the same topic. I second everything he has to say there.

In addition to that - in the last couple of weeks I've:

and that's just the stuff I remember. And my job title is 'Quality Assurance Engineer'. I've been incredibly lucky to find, in Mandriva and Red Hat, two employers where all this comes under the heading of 'work', or at least doesn't get you fired. I wake up most mornings and don't eat breakfast for two hours because I'm having too much fun at work, and I know that's a heck of a blessing. So thanks very much for putting up with me, Red Hat and the Fedora community, and I intend to stick around until they drag me away by the feet. :)