Ryan Lerch points out that LibreOffice is running a "bug hunt" for its development version, and wants Fedora users to help out! You can get the official packages for the bug hunt here - I don't know if they'll accept results from the Rawhide 4.3.0 builds.

In other news - I know Fedlet has been quiet for a while, sorry about that. I basically wrote off the 3.15 kernel series. Graphics for the Bay Trail tablets only ever worked "by accident" in kernels prior to 3.16. In the 3.15 series, something regressed in that "by accident" support which meant the screen would never come back once it hit an idle timeout. This wasn't a priority for upstream because the support was accidental in the first place, and no-one managed to bisect it close enough for anyone to feel like fixing, so 3.15 was just a bad kernel series for us.

3.16 is the first series which should have official, on-purpose support for the displays in Bay Trail tablets (the problematic bit, if anyone's interested, is detecting the display itself - they're hooked up in an odd and previously unsupported way on these devices). So now 3.16 builds are hitting Rawhide, I'm back to working on fedlet. There is a 3.16 build in the repo already. Unfortunately, for me at least, it didn't work - the display just blanks when modesetting should kick in.

I'm now building a newer 3.16 (rc1+), and Rawhide got a new build of xorg-x11-drv-intel since my last attempt, so we'll see if that makes things better. If I get a kernel build where things work at least as well as on 3.14, I'll do new live images.

In Actual Work News, I've mostly been catching up with a huge backlog of devel@ list posts, and working on release criteria for Fedora Server (I'll also try to do the same for Workstation, and roshi should be working on Cloud). Here's my current draft. Release criteria work is always good for pointing up slightly problematic / undecided / questionable aspects of product design, so we've had a few list threads clarifying various aspects of the Server tech spec in relation to issues that came up as I drafted the criteria, and we had a very useful WG meeting this morning which gave me the next few revisions needed to the draft. Once we get a solid set of criteria nailed down, the next step is to write a manual test plan before we hit Fedora 21 Alpha. Of course, I hope we'll be able to get some automated tests done once Taskotron is in production.