Since I forgot to actually include any Fedlet news in my last post, here's some instead!

So I've done a few 3.16rc kernel builds in the repo. Modesetting still doesn't work on my Venue 8 Pro, but various other folks have reported it does work on their hardware.

I did a new image build last week, but I can't really test it, because of the modesetting fail. However, I did at least boot it in a VM. Or rather, I tried, and it failed miserably.

Fedora 21 is a bit fragile right now, so I think the image is broken due to bugs in Fedora itself. Given that it doesn't work in a VM and I can't test it on metal, I'm not willing to put it out, I'm afraid. If you have an installed Fedlet, though, you can grab the latest kernel from the repo, and hopefully you should have accelerated graphics. You'll want to drop the custom X config package and the kernel parameters that force the video mode.

Intel still hasn't put out the firmware necessary for the sound to work in the official linux-firmware repository, unfortunately, or released it anywhere under a license that lets me redistribute it, so far as I can tell. I've just contacted them to ask about that again.