I should have some good Fedlet news soon (later today or tomorrow), but in the meantime, I also spent some time working on ownCloud today.

ownCloud 7.0.3 has been tagged and tarballed upstream, and I've bumped the Fedora and EPEL 7 builds in Koji already. I have it running on my 'test' (that is, er, production) server and it looks fine, so I'll probably edit 7.0.3 into the EPEL 7 update and submit new updates for F20 and F21 tomorrow. Rawhide is already on 7.0.3.

I also sent a chunk of work upstream. I've been trying to get a pull request merged which updates ownCloud's bundled copy of Google's PHP library for their APIs to the current upstream 1.0 series - they're using an old, unsupported and kinda buggy release. I really just wanted to do this to make the library easier to unbundle for Fedora, but somehow it's turned into a bit of work involving fixing some bugs in the ownCloud code that uses it - OC can use Google Drive as an 'external storage' source, i.e. you can map a Google Drive account to a directory in an OC install - and dealing with some issues in the PHP library itself.

So aside from the big(gish) PR which updates the library I submitted a few other misc fixes based on unit testing which should actually make the thing work a lot better than it did before. Not that I'm actually at all interested in Google Drive, but hey! I'm hoping this will provide some motivation to get the 1.x update PR merged and then I can drop one more bundled dep from the OC packages.