Oh hey there, good lookin' - are you on the hunt for some instability in your life? Well look no further, I've got just the thing for you.

I've got a very experimental ownCloud 8 git snapshot repo up, mainly for me to use in working on the OC 8 packages. At present it's only for Fedora Rawhide (22). There's some hackiness to it - ownCloud doesn't (so far as I can tell) post its build scripts anywhere, and it splits the stuff that's usually shipped in the tarballs across a bunch of git repos, so the source is actually a bunch of git checkouts sloppily piled into one tarball.

The repo has builds for versions of some dependencies I don't want to push to Rawhide at least until official OC 8 pre-releases are out, as well.

As of right now, OC 8 contains some technically non-free code (see previous post for lots more gory details on that). The package currently in the repo still uses the technically non-free JSMin, but it certainly won't go into official Fedora that way; I'm working with upstream to switch to a minifier with a non-problematic license, and they've said they'll take care of it for the 8.0 release.

The package doesn't have a changelog and I didn't bother changing the License: field to reflect the JSMin license.

I've put up an OC8 variant of one of my test deployment kickstarts. If you install from a Rawhide boot.iso with inst.ks=https://www.happyassassin.net/ks/oc/oc8-httpd-sqlite.ks you should wind up with a working (and hilariously insecure, so don't attach it to the public internet!) OC 8 deployment - just browse to http://(host)/owncloud and you'll be at the main interface, logged in as 'admin' with password 'admin' (system root password is '111111' - I told you it was insecure).

I was able to successfully upgrade a bare stock OC 7 + sqlite install to OC 8, but haven't tested with a populated instance or any other databases yet. I really, really, really, really, really heartily recommend you don't let this within fifty yards of production data, production systems, or a publicly accessible host.

The asset pipelining stuff - which concatenates and minifies OC's JS and CSS - isn't actually enabled by default, but if you want to try it out, you can edit /etc/owncloud/config.php and change the asset-pipeline.enabled setting to true. You will also need to configure Apache to allow access to the directory /var/lib/owncloud/assets in the usual way.