Fedora Finder finds Fedoras.

Funny what you wind up working on for QA. I'm currently working on a Thing which finds Fedoras. Feed it a Fedora pre-release, release, TC/RC, or nightly version and it'll find the images from that version.

At least, that's the Grand Vision. So far I'm mostly focusing on TCs/RCs and nightlies, as that's what we actually need for our immediate purposes (it'd be useful for python-wikitcms and also for the OpenQA stuff we're currently working on - more on that later).

It's still heavily WIP, but I've thrown it in a repository so I don't lose it and so anyone else who wants to can take a look. At present it's a single file with a few functions and some test code, I'll turn it into a proper module when it gets further along.

The example code shows how to use the functions for finding nightly images, and find_compose_images() is pretty easy to play with - it'll give you a list of URLs to images for the specified TC/RC compose (only ones that are actually there).