Hi there folks!

Between testing and working on my current work-related-ish pet projects fedfind and python-wikitcms/relval, I haven't had much time for Fedlet or the ownCloud package lately. However, I finally managed to squeeze in a few hours to work on them this week.


The Fedlet repository now has a 3.20-pre kernel build that more or less works, for me, in testing. It seems like perhaps it's buggier than 3.18 was, but it at least built and it boots and it has sound and wifi and power status on the V8P. I did throw in a patch which may help with the RPMB bugs. For me it seems slower than 3.18 and touch input is rather worse than it was before, but I haven't had time to look into that in any detail yet. I have built a test Fedora 22-based image which boots, but given the apparent state of 3.20 and the pre-Alpha state of F22 at present I'm not going to release it.

I also set up a public copy of the actual repo from which the Fedlet kernel is built. You can clone that repo and check out the baytrail branch and you have the actual build bits right there. There's one small caveat: I make a few changes right before actually building which are never checked into the repo. They are:

  1. Add the changelog
  2. make config-release
  3. sed -i -e 's,%define debugbuildsenabled 1,%define debugbuildsenabled 0,g' kernel.spec

Step 2 disables debugging in the kernel build (which you really want, on slow Fedlet-ish hardware) and step 3 says not to build a separate kernel-debug package with debugging turned on. Obviously if you actually want kernel debugging to do some...kernel debugging...you can skip 2 and/or 3.

I don't check those changes in because they tend to make merging from upstream (Fedora kernel package) much messier. Aside from that, though, all the substantial stuff is checked in. Mostly the delta is down to patch files now; there's only a couple of changed CONFIG settings any more.


I'm working on getting the ownCloud packages up to the recently-released 8.0. Major OC releases always require quite a bit of gardening downstream. I now have a side repo for OC 8 available; for now there's only a repo for Fedora 22, but you could use it for Rawhide too, and it'll be easy to add at least Fedora 21 soon.

The repo contains OC 8 packages plus Pimple 3.0 (which OC 8 needs) and Doctrine DBAL 2.5.1 with a change that seems to break ownCloud partly reverted.

So far it's at the point where a clean deployment with sqlite as the database works, and you can install apps from the 'app store'. This is important as some apps that were previously part of the core - notably Contacts, Calendar, and Documents - have been moved to the store. I am not sure whether to provide packages for these or even roll them back into the main owncloud package, but for now I'm following upstream.

I haven't yet tested any other database, and I have not tested upgrading an existing install. It goes without saying that you should only do anything at all with this repository on a test setup. :)

You can use oc8-httpd-sqlite.ks to do a full turnkey test install; as usual for my OC test kickstarts, running an F22 install with that kickstart will give you a box with OC running and accessible from any system right out of the box, with insecure admin account (admin/admin) and database credentials, never use my test kickstarts unmodified in production or on any box which is publicly accessible. The kickstarts for other databases need a quick tweak which I'll get around to tomorrow as I test them.

As part of the OC 8 work I wound up overhauling the Apache config layout quite heavily; I needed to fix a few bugs and update it with the latest upstream changes, and took the opportunity to use some Include directives to make it rather cleaner. I've sent a modest proposal about standardizing config snippets intended for inclusion to devel@.

And with that, to bed!