Just wanted to quickly announce another app in the ever-growing wikitcms/relval conglomerate: testdays. testdays is to Test Day pages as relval is to release validation pages: it's a CLI app for interacting with Test Day pages, using the python-wikitcms module.

Right now it only does one thing, really - generates statistics. You can't (yet?) use it to create Test Day pages or report results. But you can generate some fairly simple statistics about a single Test Day page or some group of them, with various ways of specifying which pages you want to operate on.

For each page it will give you a count of testers, tests, and bug references, a ratio of bugs referred per tester, and an attempt to count what percentage of valid, unique bugs referred to in the page has been fixed. If you use it on a set of pages, it'll also give you overall statistics for all the pages combined, and a list of the top testers by number of results and bug references.

I'd like to thank Chris Ward for prodding me into making this - he asked for some statistics about the Fedora 22 Test Day cycle, and I figured I may as well write a tool to produce them...

testdays is available from the wikitcms/relval repository - if you have it set up, you can do (yum|dnf) install testdays.