So here's a lil' pre-Flock present for all you crazy Baytrail-ers - a new Fedlet image. Get your 2015-08-10 while it's hot, over at the fedlet page.

This is pretty much just a rebase of the kernel to 4.2rc6 in an F23 Alpha userland. I built a GTK+ package with a patch from Jan-Michael to use a popover for URL histories, which should improve OSK interaction, but Firefox seems to have some issue in this image where it never pops up an OSK at all, and the GTK+ I built is actually older than the current F23 build so it's not included. You can 'downgrade' to it after installing, though, and it seems to work in Epiphany.

Seems to be working pretty well otherwise on the V8P - sound and wifi are both good, and even survive a suspend/resume. Installing worked fine for me (my old install got a bit messed up so I reinstalled), though I hit some anaconda bugs deleting the old install, so I did that manually with fdisk. Except for one bug: the top bar doesn't render properly, so you can't see the 'Done' buttons. They're there, though, so just click blindly in the right place (bottom left corner of the blue top bar). You can boot up a regular Fedora image in a VM or something to see what you're missing.