Today I moved several of my pet projects from the cgit instance on this server to Pagure. You can now find them here:

The home page URLs for each project on this server - e.g. - also now redirect to the Pagure project pages.

I also deleted some other repos that were hosted in my cgit instance entirely, because I don't think they were any longer of interest to anyone and I didn't want to maintain them. Those were mostly related to Fedlet, which I haven't been working on for 2-3 years now.

For now the repos for the three main projects - wikitcms, relval and fedfind - remain in my cgit instance, containing just a single text file documenting the move to Pagure; in a month or so I will remove these repositories and decommission the cgit instance. So, update your checkouts! :)

This saves me maintaining the repos, provides pull review and issue mechanisms, and it's a good thing to have all Fedora-ish code projects in Pagure in general, I think.

Many thanks to pingou and everyone else who works on Pagure, it's a great project!