Contacting me is very easy. Some might say worryingly so!


I have several email addresses. Almost all of them still work. For general purposes you can use this address. For Red Hat and Fedora stuff, use this address. Remove the NOSPAM in all cases.

Site admin

If you're contacting me for an admin matter related to this domain, you can use the happyassassin address or any standard 'admin' address if you feel like it; I should get the message either way.

Matrix (Fedora Chat)

I can also be found on Fedora Chat, part of the federated Matrix network, as I'm always in the Fedora QA room and several others, with the screen name adamw. When I'm around I'll usually see your message immediately (if it's a query or a message with my name in it), and if I'm not, I'll see it when I get back and try to reply then. If you still prefer to use IRC, Fedora Chat is bridged to the network, so you can find me there in bridged rooms like #fedora-qa.

Social media

You can find links to my accounts on various forms of social media in the header of all pages on this site, and my Mastodon profile here too (for verification purposes). Please do get in touch if you have any questions, complaints or comments. Thanks very much.