frantically running round, putting out fires

So, I spent quite a lot of today running round various forums (OSNews, Linux Today, MandrakeClub, mandrakeusers) trying to make sure some of the more apocalyptic interpretations of yesterday's PR didn't take hold. Quite where people got the idea that it meant we were abandoning the free download edition and so forth I don't know, but it's certainly not what was intended. Still, seems like everything calmed down in the end and there have been some useful discussions on release strategies as a result.

Other than that, had a bit of a scare at my other job where I had no schedule in the company's scheduling system for next week. Anyone who's worked as a temp will know that Sudden Lack Of Job Syndrome is something of an occupational hazard. Checked with my supervisor, who assures me I'm still needed and should turn up next Tuesday as normal, which is mostly reassuring. Still, I won't be entirely convinced until Tuesday comes...

Was called by Electronics Boutique last night, who tried to tell me that when I pre-ordered a Playstation Portable from them last month, what I really wanted was a Playstation Portable and a crappy ice hockey game. Explained slightly impatiently that I am English, could not care about ice hockey if it hit me over the head and stole my wallet, that I have a receipt which clearly says "PSP Value Pack" and just as clearly does not say "PSP Value Pack With Craptacular Ice Hockey Game", and that I will be coming on Thursday to pick up a PSP Value Pack sans craptacular ice hockey game and they'd bloody well better have one to give me. Slightly shocked sales droid said "fine, we'll do it that way, then", which I am for now taking to be a sign of worthy victory. Update on Thursday, no doubt. Bloody Sony.

Have been getting back into credibility-enhancingly obscure indie music lately, here in the musical wastelands where there is no NME. I picked up Her Majesty The Decemberists on Matt's recommendation, and it pleases me mightily. Sea shanties and florid denunciations of Los Angeles? More! Also got Ted Leo and the Pharmacists' "Shake The Sheets", on the recommendation of a random free magazine found in a restaurant on Davie, and it's also great. Energetic power pop with witty lyrics.

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