Ash, Brazil?

Well, the concert last night was fantastic. Ash were co-headlining with The Bravery, who played first. They played to a Vancouver crowd, which nods its head and claps politely. Ash played their first three songs or so to a Vancouver crowd, then they played Girl From Mars and it turned into an Ash crowd, which bounces up and down, screams and sings along even when the guitar amp breaks. They played a fairly short and obvious main set, but came out for an amazing extended encore, including Jack Names The Planets, Goldfinger, Cantina Band and The Boys Are Back In Town. Great stuff. I got Tim's setlist and guitar pick - yay swag!

In MDK news, Warly announced our new development system this morning. As soon as my boss confirms I can bring a herd of alpacas, I'll be joining the first group at the new facility!


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