Sorry the site went down again, apache was shut down while I was doing a package upgrade and I didn't notice till I went to work this morning and couldn't get at my webmail server. D'oh. I took the opportunity to do a quick kernel upgrade and everything should be cookin' again.

So for the future reference of interested persons, if you want to get through to an actual human on the Canadian immigration phone system, tell it you want to change your address and then ignore it when it tells you to go to the website. That's about the only way I could find through the automated voice system maze. Sheesh.

Now I have (I think) the appropriate form to extend my stay here while the Great Immigration Department (hopefully) processes my permanent residency application. So I just have to send off that form, with another fifteen photos and another hefty fee, in order to be granted the privilege of giving Canada lots more French money for the next few months. Sigh. Ain't bureaucracy great...


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