busy busy busy

Longer post still on its way, I promise! It's all go around here. Both of my jobs are crazy busy and still busy showing the parents Vancouver at its finest, so haven't had much time to spare. Of course, I picked up Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee for my PSP a few days ago and that hasn't exactly been helping either. Off to Future Shop tonight to buy some component cables for the PS2 (those jaggy edges are bugging me, and I don't have an s-video input spare...) and a copy of the new Wario Ware game for Sammy.

Technical note - I fed the box this site is hosted on an extra 512MB of RAM this week, so it's much zippier now, previously it was swapping like hell every time I left it idle for a few hours and came back. I need to upgrade to the new Wordpress release when I get a spare moment. I also need to get myself a proper dedicated server at some point, for extra speed and security and so I can go back to using this box as a bleeding-edge test machine, like my desktop usually is - right now I'm holding off recent Cooker updates as the new RPM revision seems to be dangerous to the point of completely-nuking-rpm-databases, and I don't want to knock web and mail serving offline for a day by doing that.

And finally, never give your laptop to your parents...I lent my father my perfectly functioning laptop to access the internet while he was here, and when I went to their hotel to pick them up last night I found he'd somehow managed to break it so much that it had an entirely spurious eth0 interface and something was being loaded during Xfce startup that caused the display to stop working. Still don't know exactly what he did to it, I've stuck a bandaid on it (forced the eth0 interface down and switched to GNOME) while they're still here and will fix it properly when they leave. Sigh...parents.


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