Rain, rain, go away

Played doubles yesterday, as the courts were full; won 7-5 playing with my regular singles opponent, we went down 4-2 then played very nicely till the end. Was looking forward to a second set, but it started raining - pity. I took the NPro Surge which I've been trying out back to the store (liked it a lot) to test something else; trying the Babolat Pure Control Team now, which is a little heavier but might be nice.

Over at Mandriva, chaos is currently reigning due to the new Club site and the new authentication mechanism. The new Club site was down for a couple of days, plenty of login problems, and bodies flying everywhere (OK, I mostly made the last bit up). Should be mostly sorted out soon, though (in case anyone's reading my blog for news, for some weird reason, the new Club site is now back up) and once it's all smoothed out, this new system will definitely prove to be an improvement.

Rafael fixed up urpmi in Cooker to allow localhost to be a member of the group in parallel mode, which I'm very happy about; maintaining Cooker on a small home network of machines is now an absolute breeze. If anyone followed my earlier guide, and is using Cooker, you can now add 'localhost' to the list of machines in parallel.cfg and quit updating it separately; simply urpmi.update -a then urpmi --parallel local --auto-select will do the job. Thanks, Rafael!


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