Haven't had time to write for a while, and a silent override of my httpd.conf apparently broke most of the site. Ah well. Fixed. Recently, I've played lots more tennis (I lost the second round of 3.0 at Stanley Park, but I really shouldn't have - played terribly), done piles of work, cleaned the kitchen about fifty thousand times and, uh, probably some other stuff too.

Been playing Alien Hominid for PS2 lately - great fun, even though it is just Metal Slug with cool cartoon graphics and (even) more aliens.

This afternoon we went to see the local minor league team, the Vancouver Canadians - lots of fun, and we won with a walk-off infield single with the bases loaded in the bottom of the tenth. Hey, they all count! Only bad point was I forgot to take sunblock and now have incredibly red knees. Ah, well. I'm hoping to go to the Vancouver Open tomorrow - it's an ATP Challenger tennis tournament being held in Vancouver, and Andy Murray's playing.

Mandriva is a big ball of fun lately, what with the old domain names going down very abruptly (one more consequence of the darn Hearst lawsuit) and breaking all sorts of things, and the Online maintainer going on vacation just as Online pretty much stopped working. Wahay. Still, on the plus side, 2006 seems to be shaping up quite nicely - lots of encouraging feedback on the betas so far (as well as the traditional brown paper bag bugs and large features being thrown in in the middle of the beta cycle...but hey, without that, it wouldn't be Mandriva...)


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