Mandriva 2006 final!

So, finally 2006 is released! To Club members, at least. Yay! It's spanky. It really is. It's got one silly bug that will be fixed by an update soon, and a medium serious X.Org problem with some nvidia hardware which will hopefully be fixed equally soon, but it's spanky as hell. I gave one of the neatest things in it a test drive this afternoon - took my laptop downtown with me, went to Future Shop, whipped it out and used their wireless network to post some stuff on the Club. We've had some degree of wireless roaming in MDV for several releases now, but it's definitely got to a really cool stage in 2006. I brought the laptop out of suspend, right clicked on the net_applet icon, went to the wireless networks menu item, saw the Future Shop network there, and clicked on it. Bam, I was connected to their network and everything was working. When I was done, I went back to suspend. Came back home, brought the laptop out of suspend again, and it automatically connected me back to my home wireless network. Yay for stuff that really works!

Of course, while I was there, I just had to pick myself up a Game Boy Micro. So now I have a Micro, a DS, a GB Advance SP, a PSP, my Neuros, Treo 650 and my digital camera. Too many toys? Pfah, nonsense. :)


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