geeky thinking

So I've just started re-archiving all the CDs I have here as .flac instead of .ogg (this didn't seem important when I had $50 speakers, but now I have several hundred $ worth of headphones, it is). Half way through, though, I decided I also wanted to replace the .oggs on my Neuros with higher quality versions. Re-ripping the CDs to .ogg seemed a bit silly and long-winded - surely there must be a way to go direct from the .flacs to the .oggs?

Of course, writing a little bash command to do it via flac and oggenc would be fairly trivial. I'm lazy, though. And it would be less trivial to preserve all the tags. And it just felt like an itch that someone must have scratched before.

So how do you Google it? It's not immediately obvious; running all the immediate ideas (ogg flac converter, etc) through my mental pre-google filter it was obvious they were likely to return a lot of chaff. So I had a geeky thought moment. There's a kind of de facto naming convention on *nix for little tools to convert anything from one format to another: foo2bar. So instead I Googled flac2ogg. And my geeky brain was rewarded; I hit this fairly good Python script right away. This is one of the many leaps geeky have been trained to make, and the other 99% of brains don't...

In other news, I had an absolutely crazy night playing pool. We usually go out to a local bar (Numbers) on Saturday nights; my partner drinks and plays the little touch-screen video game machine, and I play pool. It's a winner-stays-on system, and I usually wind up getting maybe three or four games a night, winning half of them. Tonight I had a crazy fourteen game winning streak. It only ended when I made a crazy shot on my final ball, taking it all the way along the long rail on a sixty degree angle shot, but brought the cue ball back across the table and nudged the 8 into the centre pocket on the same shot. Otherwise I would've still been on the table, I think. Just a charmed night. Heh.


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