Had a terribly bourgeois day on Friday - we went to the market on Granville Island (which isn't really an island...) and bought some excitingly expensive pasta, meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese, coffee and so forth. A nice change from Safeway and the Chinese supermarkets on Kingsway, and the stuff is pretty nice. Especially the pasta.

Realised I haven't mentioned much about work lately. I am a bit disappointed by the Club Christmas release, which will have some nice things - all the updates released since 2006.0, GNOME 2.12 and OO.o 2.0 (though they're already available separately), and some graphical goodies - but it won't have KDE 3.5 or an updated version of, which is something of a missed opportunity. Ah, well. I expect they'll make it into the next Club release. It will also be i586 only, which is a shame, as we really need to treating x86-64 as being as important as i586 by now.

On the other hand, it seems like Arkub has more time to work on Club stuff again lately, which is always great - had a request from a Club member to provide the manuals for 2006.0 and we had them up within two days, which is really nice. And some members have been coming up with some excellent suggestions lately which I've been passing on and trying to get posted in Bugzilla; I just hope at least some of them get acted upon in the near future.


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