I love bills.

So today's mail contained two great pieces of news - 1, my cellphone decided for no apparent reason to download 7MB of...something last month, which will cost me the princely sum of $70 over my usual phone bill, and 2, the electricity bill is due a month before I thought it was due.

So a few minutes later our power is no longer in imminent danger of being disconnected, but there's going to be an interesting race between my cellphone bill, our landline bill, and the rent cheque to see which is going to bounce. Whee. I love Christmas. I think I should probably stick up a PayPal button. :D


scrake wrote on 2005-12-20 02:01:
Yeah yeah yeah, I feel for you BUT I have no money cos I paid vast amounts of money for an oil delivery then a leak meant all our precious oil spilt on the concrete and evaporated. Now hear the christmas pain. In other news, I lack an address for an xmas card but if you'd like a hogmanay or hurrah-for-lesbian-marriages-in-belfast-card then do send me an address...
adamw wrote on 2005-12-20 02:20:
see, you have NO money, I have NEGATIVE money. I win! :D