FOSDEM and more

So, elevator fishing was a wash - I lost my magnet. Sigh. Now waiting for the elevator company to come on routine maintenance and get the damn things back for me.

Now, on a happier note - I was talking to David Barth (our new Mandriva tech overlord) today and got some nice bits of news. First, we'll have an informal presence at FOSDEM this weekend - the devs were too busy to get in any talk proposals etc, but David and some other members of the development team (probably including Oden Eriksson, who maintains half the distro in between saving the world and kissing babies) will be there, wearing black t-shirts with the yellow Mandriva star so they'll be easy to spot - feel free to stop them and have a chat about Mandriva.

David also told me some interesting stuff about our approach to getting Shiny Accelerated Stuff into (we're taking a longer term approach than Novell and, to a lesser extent, Fedora, based on the project which was initially supposed to be where this stuff was done in the first place, xegl), but I need to talk to him and boiko (the new maintainer) some more before I know what we want to say about that project, so for now I'll just say it's a definite priority and we're working with lots of different communities and organisations to make it really shine. yay!


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