Alpha 2 released

So the second alpha is out today - codename Neottia. New NVIDIA and ATI drivers, nouveau driver for NVIDIA cards is available to test, KDE 4.0 is going into Cooker as we speak, and Thierry did automated rebuilds on several thousand packages since the last alpha. Should be fun!

Full details are in the Club story, and download information is in the Wiki page. Get it, test it, tell us what's wrong :)


vfmmeo wrote on 2008-01-11 19:47:
Allright. Let's take it to the top! Im trying to involve more people from Blogdrake into the testing process. I hope I can do better than Alpha1. Alpha1 is a very good start base, so I'm ready for download and burn the Iso to install on my laptop (again). Be aware for my bad english and my bizarre bugs :D