Meet the new stuff

So as the Bugzilla mail piles up happily in my inbox (I'm glad it's an electronic inbox, if it was a real one, it would have toppled over and caused me a serious head injury by now), I spent today doing...other things. :)

The What's Coming in Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring page on the Wiki is now in good shape: spent a few hours polishing it up and submitting stories about to various news outlets. Also had to post stories for our latest Store offer: it's called OS Refugee, it's actually a resurrection of a program we ran a LONG time ago, and it goes like this: if you've got a license for any other commercial operating system (i.e. Windows) you can trade it in for a 35% discount on 2008 Powerpack, 2008 Flash, or a Powerpack subscription. Neat, yes? Details are here.

Also spent a bit of time booting RC1 on my systems and filing bugs on the stuff that doesn't work. It can be surprisingly hard to find time to actually test the product 'clean' in between all the time spent promoting it, fixing it, and discussing it :). My systems all run Cooker, so there's some stuff I don't get to see unless I burn a One CD and test it out (like the installation process, hardware detection, and state of the default desktop).

In between, a bit of packaging: Mandriva now has a package for BillReminder, in both Cooker and 2008 /contrib/backports. I updated avant-window-navigator's applets (awn-extras-applets) in 2008 /contrib/backports, which I forgot to do before, and updated swi-prolog to 5.6.51 in both Cooker and 2008 /main/backports. Finally, I continued to keep the packages for Elisa up to date. I picked up Elisa for packaging months ago as I found it an interesting package, but now it seems we're going to have some kind of deal to promote it in 2008 Spring, so I have Anne and various others on my ass filing bugs on every little thing that doesn't work. Eek! The packages are now in decent shape and we should ship a nice clean Elisa 0.3.4 in 2008 Spring. I am also in the process of backporting the packages to 2008. In case you didn't notice - I love /backports. :) Also updated: Conduit, Tracker, Mediatomb and Deluge.


GBarton wrote on 2008-03-07 09:45:
Totally random question that has nothing to do with the blog, but did you go to the Manchester Grammar School? I was reasearching some stuff for work and came across your blog randomly (best way!). Anyway my name is Gary so you may remember me or I may just be send ing weird messages to strangers :)
sviya wrote on 2008-03-11 01:38:
Dear Adam, I saw your comment on LAMP , "On the LAMP packages: there are hardly any server packages on the Free edition discs. . . . So, no, you won\'t find a full LAMP package set on the Free CDs or DVD for any MDV release, just get it from the online repositories." I was wondering if this is going to be true for Mdv DVD for the Spring release. If true, I'd like you to know that there are many countries in which Internet connectivity is too slow and servers are used for intranet LANs... I just can't wait to see the Spring. Good luck with the release. :)
adamw wrote on 2008-03-17 20:09:
good news, sviya - actually we freed up some space on the 2008 Spring Free edition (by removing some gigantic OpenOffice doc files), so the full LAMP set of packages will actually be on there.