Windows Mobile synchronization: video!

Following on from my last post - I cleaned up the Windows Mobile 5+ sync support even more, and tested that it works from a completely clean install of 2008 Spring. And then I made a video, and now I'm sending it to the world. :)

The video shows me installing the metapackage for WM5/6 + KDE support, creating a partnership (with synce-kpm) and running a demo synchronization (with KitchenSync). It's riveting stuff, and it even has a voiceover. I'm sure it'll make me rich and famous...

Testing on Cooker, it seems most people can get synchronization going with their device, which I count as a huge success given how pointlessly difficult this all was about five days ago. It also has exposed several minor bugs in, particularly, how KDE handles synchronized data, so I'll be poking the KDE team to see if they can improve that. But it's definitely a good feeling to leap right from the "well how do I do that, then?" phase to the "polishing and bug fixing" phase.

I also need to make a video for Nokia and Blackberry syncing, and see if I can fake enough C++ to get this KitchenSync module for nice easy GUI configuration of the Blackberry plugin written. Not sure if I can manage that, heh.

Video is below!


MrFurious wrote on 2008-03-17 19:55:
Hi Adam, nice work, great video, thanks! I'm not a Linux (or KDE) expert - just the regular Mandriva user - but i'm fairly proficient with C++ and Qt, so if you run into problems in that area, you can mail me, i'll try to help.
adamw wrote on 2008-03-17 20:10:
thanks for the kind offer, and I may actually end up taking you up on it, but for now some guys within MDV are helping me out, so I'll exhaust their patience first =) KitchenSync has special code for handling each opensync plugin individually and providing a nice GUI interface to configure it. Unfortunately, it doesn't have such a module for the Blackberry plugin, so it falls back to simply making you edit the raw config file, which isn't very user-friendly. So I'm trying to write the code for KitchenSync to handle it the way it does the other plugins, but since I know precisely no C++, it's not happening very fast :)
austin wrote on 2008-03-17 21:08:
I have a Blackberry, the ubiquitous tool for Canadian lawyers. Let me know exactly what you need me to do to get sync working, and I'll do it.
adamw wrote on 2008-03-17 21:34:
I have one too (well, my boyfriend does) and it already works. The only thing I'm working on is polish. If you want to try it, do this: install task-blackberry-kde run kitchensync create a new sync group, add the blackberry and kdepim members configure the blackberry member. it'll show you a raw config file, with some helpful comments. following the comments, enter a line like this: Device 9111111 1 1 where '9111111' is your Blackberry's PIN (there's various ways to find this out, if you don't know any of them, ask me). 1 1 means "sync contacts and calendar". That should be all you need to do, it'll then sync with KDE. If you're on GNOME, install task-blackberry-gnome and follow pretty much the same steps with Multisync and the Evolution opensync plugin instead (or you can still use KitchenSync on GNOME, that's what I do as it's a better app than Multisync).