More sync work, interrupted by random insanity

Today I got a small box in the post containing an obsolete iPaq I bought off eBay for 50 bucks. I'm expecting another one next week. These are my Windows Mobile 2002 and 2003 test devices, to allow me to get Mandriva's WM2002/2003 sync support into line with the WM5+ support I already worked on for 2008 Spring.

So I had it hooked up and was about yay close to getting it actually sync'ing when my system suddenly refused to connect to my wireless network. Point blank.

Fiddled around on the system for an hour. No joy.

Then (oh, bad move Adam, bad move) I started poking at the router settings. Pretty soon, the router was refusing to talk to my cable modem at all. Just wouldn't ever get an external IP address.

I upgraded dd-wrt. I downgraded dd-wrt. I did factory resets. I did 30-30-30 resets. I power cycled everything in sight. I switched cables. I did voodoo rituals involving rubber chickens on pulleys. I took four hours out to go and watch the Narnia movie (not as bad as the first, BTW). I was just about to throw the whole lot in the trash and go to bed when I tried, one last time, power cycling the modem. And bip, the router was back to working like nothing had ever gone wrong.

Sigh. Hardware insanity.

So I came back to my laptop and, surprise surprise, it still wouldn't connect. Rebooted and tried kernel 2.6.24 instead of 2.6.26 and it worked. Dunno if it was the reboot or the kernel switch or the fairy dust or what, but it's working now. Sigh.

This server obviously was down during that whole incident, so sorry about that.

Still, now I have the test device syncing. Yay for that. On Monday I get to try and make it work without you having to actually type stuff at consoles...


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