A few things

Okay, most importantly: if you've visited this blog using Windows in the last few months, check your system for malware.

A couple of people let me know Google was tagging my site as possibly containing malware. It turns out when it got compromised a few weeks back (which I blogged about), the attacker inserted hidden iframes into a few posts which linked to malware sites. These were preserved when I restored the site from a backup after reinstalling the host server. This is a possible infection vector for Windows systems (I don't believe the attacks would have affected any other OS), so get any Windows systems checked out. I'm really sorry about that. The Google tools were very helpful in identifying the offending bits, so I've torn them out of the database now, and the site is now clean. Lesson: when Google tells you a site is dangerous, it's probably right. :) Don't go there, and if you know the admin of the site, let them know.

Other business - 'Real'Crypt 6.0a is now in the /contrib/backports repositories for 2008 and 2008 Spring. Also, the problem with backport building which was holding up some of my other backports is fixed, so Elisa 0.5.5 is in 2008 Spring /backports now, and all of synce 0.12 will be there shortly, which will enable support for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. I'll complete that backport tomorrow and update the Wiki page on synchronization with new information.

Anyone running Transmission from /backports who noticed an annoying bug where when you opened a torrent from an external application it would suddenly disappear from the Torrent Options page a split second after it opened - update to 1.32-2mdv2008.1 . I talked this over with the upstream developers and they came up with a patch to fix it, which is now applied to that version of the package.


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