A very Canadian American election night...

So I've got a pizza, six bottles of Okanagan Spring and six of Granville Island, and the TV flipping between NBC and the Canucks game.

I studied American history as part of my degree, and I'm amazed, pleased and impressed that, at this time in its history, the country has chosen Senator Obama. I don't think it's a decision they, or the rest of the world, will regret.


Fgrav wrote on 2008-11-08 21:40:
We made history on that day, gnarly dude!
admin wrote on 2008-11-08 21:56:
we sure did... I hear the American election results were pretty good too ;)
samsoul75 wrote on 2008-11-10 17:20:
canucks suck! couldn't help it ;p
admin wrote on 2008-11-10 17:29:
hey, as a Frenchie, you should be a Habs fan, and thus able to join me in directing our hatred where it's truly deserved: at the Leafs. :)
samsoul75 wrote on 2008-11-10 20:48:
You're right Adam, but I was quite nice with canucks compared to what it would have been with the leafs:evil: Go Habs go and good luck Mr President!