The Future

So I'm sitting in a cafe, typing this on my 1.5lb, 8" laptop with the aid of a Bluetooth mouse, via the 3Mb internet connection provided - again through Bluetooth - by the phone in my pocket.

I remember downloading the shareware release of Quake to my spanking new desktop's 210MB hard disk over a 33.6k modem. It took three hours.

The future seems to have happened while I wasn't quite paying attention...


vfmmeo wrote on 2009-02-01 10:27:
The "future" is on your first phrase: "sitting in a cafe" When you downloaded the Quake's shareware version, I'm sure that you were in your room, hearing some noisy music, and a beer (or so) in your hand. The next time you make a reflexion like that, you will be in your room (again) with a hot soup and annoying with the noisy music from the neighbor's children... We're gettin' old, man xD
rview wrote on 2009-02-02 21:25:
That would be nice. There is no cell service here, and I'm paying $50 US a month for satellite at 1/2Mb with traffic shaping, and a 7.5GB monthly limit, and high pings. Most people are still on dialup here. (I won't mention the 30 mile drive to the cafe) The future may be here, just not for everyone (sort of).