Profile switching in PulseAudio

I just noticed the super-awesome PulseAudio guys (Lennart and Colin and others) guys have set up profile switching for PulseAudio. The credit for this one seems to go to Colin - that's his post on the topic. I ran pavucontrol just now and noticed the tab has showed up, for Fedora Rawhide users anyway. As a super extra added bonus, when you use it, nothing crashes, and it works! Finally, a vaguely sensible GUI for switching between the analog and digital output modes of my Chaintech AV-710. The previous method was, um, to create a custom ~/.asoundrc file, which you had to Google about for instructions on. Not optimal. So a big thanks to the PulseAudio guys for that.


coling wrote on 2009-03-12 16:02:
Thanks for your kind words Adam. In fiarness tho' the profile switching support itself has been in PA for a while and it's all Lennart's work. I did hook up this capability to the GUI itself tho' and find a couple of bugs that caused pavucontrol to crash when switching profiles! Anyway, I'm hopefully gonna make a few more improvements to the pavucontrol GUI in the not too distant future!