So I'm posting this in the Red Hat category despite it having nothing at all to do with Fedora because you guys all need more hockey in your lives. And also to rub it in Greg's face. I'll hook you up with a link to the Canucks team store later, Greg!

Canucks win 2-1 in the first game of the first round, and that was one of the best one-goal wins all season. What I liked: absolutely top-class defensive commitment and execution, the entire set of defenders just put on a clinic tonight. They were outstanding from start to finish. Great offensive pressure from the third and fourth lines. The Sedins - aggressive and threatening all the way through. Mats Sundin playing smart and tactical and creating a few chances. And Luongo, of course.

What I didn't like: too many penalties, too many pucks played in front of our own net, and Sundin not playing hard enough. Pretty small list, really. Just a great, great game that really shows why we have a chance to go far this year.

One other thing I like - obviously it's too late for Don Cherry and he's gone to bed. No Cherry on the Vancouver HNIC coverage - thank Christ for that. The man's a twit.

Greg's Canes were juuuuuust squeaked out 4-1 by New Jersey, with a slim slim margin of 39 shots to 19. Close one there, Greg! Tough luck.

In case anyone cares, I pick the Penguins to beat the Flyers pretty easily (5 or 6 games), Red Wings to roll over the Blue Jackets, Caps to beat the Rangers in 6 or 7 - yeah, New York won tonight, but not in a way to inspire much confidence - I have to pick the Blackhawks to beat the Flames because as every Vancouver kid knows, FLAMERS SUCK, and I really have no frickin' clue between the Sharks and the Ducks, but it'll be a fun series to watch. And to go out on a limb for one series - Habs will beat the Bruins. You heard it here first, oh yeah. (That and the Habs are my second team, great team and incredible fan base).

Game on!


gregdek wrote on 2009-04-16 17:17:
I don't fault you, Adam, for not knowing how the Stanley Cup works. Since your team has never won one, how could you be expected to understand? It takes *sixteen* wins to get your name on the Cup, not one. See, our series involves TWO teams who have won a Stanley Cup, and your series involves... um.. ZERO teams who have won a Stanley Cup. So bravo for winning a home game against the Bluebells. It's a shame that the Little Sisters of the Poor didn't make the playoffs; I'll bet you could take them in seven. Probably.
adamw wrote on 2009-04-16 17:22:
Well, ya know, it's playoff time, but fair's fair, I should give credit where it's due - you sure do talk a good game!