Intel Test Day statistics

Following up my earlier post, the python-bugzilla was fixed, so here's the Intel numbers:

20 bugs were reported as a result of the test day. As of now, 13 (65%) are in ASSIGNED state, 6 (30%) are in NEW state, and 1 (5%) is in CLOSED state, with the resolution DUPLICATE.

So rather lower than the numbers for nouveau and radeon, and no fixed bugs yet.

Actually, it suggests another metric: bug reports per tester. So, let's see...nouveau had 102 testers, intel had 23, and radeon had 55. So we had 0.39 unique-bugs-per-tester for nouveau, 0.87 for intel, and 0.84 for radeon. Which is interesting - it rather suggests people experienced substantially fewer issues with nouveau than with intel or radeon, which may not have been expected. Of course, intel and radeon support 3D acceleration while nouveau does not, which could account for some of the difference. nouveau also had a rather smaller and easier set of tests than radeon - it didn't have the tricky rotation or suspend test cases.

Here's the raw data, for anyone interested:

Intel Radeon Nouveau

They're in a simple CSV format - you can load it into OO.o Calc as a CSV and it should work.


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