More tinkering: eGroupWare

Well, this has been nostalgic - I haven't pulled a packaging all-nighter in a while!

I was still sore about having to rely on Google for my calendar / contact synchronization, so I figured I'd sort that out. Cue eGroupWare. This is a rather nice SOHO/small business-targeted groupware suite; it does contacts, calendars, tasks and a few other bits and pieces, with a decent web interface and synchronization via GroupDAV / WebDAV and SyncML. I spent most of the evening updating the Mandriva packages for eGroupWare, which existed but were extremely old. I got those updated nicely, and set up the software onto my web server. Making sure to follow all the instructions (and make the package do the same, as much as I could) I was able to set up a calendar and contact list and synchronize them to Evolution on my laptop and desktop via WebDAV - very slick! I haven't yet tested syncing with my phone via SyncML / Funambol, but I expect it to work fine.

This may in fact be a good candidate for something I've been working with the infrastructure group to try and sort out for a long time - a Fedora project calendaring (and possibly other groupware functions) system. Everything else we've come across is either broken, obsolete, has a bad web interface / no interface, no CalDAV support, only works with Sun Java, is crazily coded, or any or all of the above. This doesn't seem particularly crazy, is actively maintained, has a nice web interface and CalDAV support, and is written in PHP - so it looks good. We'll see where that goes. The ultimate goal would be to have a Fedora project groupware server where Fedora projects and SIGs could do scheduling and stuff in a collaborative way.

I'm uploading the updated eGroupWare packages for Mandriva to all supported repos.


Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote on 2010-01-22 15:58:
Funny, this used to be Red Hat's internal platform for a while. There may be some people in Red Hat IT who might be willing to help you out -- or they may want to put their own eyes out instead. But I know some folks would be interested. I'd be delighted to see this problem solved in Fedora.
Dark_Schneider971 wrote on 2010-01-22 17:23:
I'm happy to see your work concerning egroupware. I'm looking also for a groupware solution giving me the ability to sync my adressbooks and contacts with KDE Kontact. Egroupware seems to be very interesting indeed. On top of that, as I'm doing PHP dev, I'm more confident in running it :)