Blocker review meeting tomorrow, awesome new testing tool: fedora-easy-karma

So here's some quick news. We have the first blocker review meeting for Fedora 13 Beta tomorrow, at 16:00 UTC - 11am EST, 8am PST. That's in #fedora-bugzappers on Freenode IRC. As always, the more people the better, come along and share your wisdom! Especially if you have any potential blocker bugs to share.

There's also some very cool news: Till Maas has written a great new tool, Fedora Easy Karma, to make it easier than ever to file feedback on test updates. And now that we have the new development process for Fedora 13, with new packages going to updates-testing before they go to the main F13 tree, you can use the tool to provide feedback on Fedora 13 too!

Using it is incredibly easy: you just install updates from updates-testing - if you're running Fedora 13, it's enabled by default - reboot your system if the updates required it, and then run fedora-easy-karma at a console. It'll generate a list of packages on your system that are from updates-testing, and ask you for feedback on each in turn, giving you a description of the update and all other feedback posted so far. If you can report whether or not it works for you, type 1 or -1 and then enter a comment. If you don't want to vote up or down but do want to enter a comment, type 0. If you can't offer any feedback on that particular update, press any other key and it'll be skipped.

It's way more efficient than figuring out yourself what packages are installed and using the web front end - you can really provide feedback on all packages this way, and it only takes a few minutes a day. Huge thanks to Till for the tool!


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