Design team looking for ideas and feedback on Fedora 14 themes

So Fedora's awesome design team is looking for ideas for Fedora 14's release theme, and feedback on already-submitted concepts.

Here's a crazy story - I met Luya Tshimbalanga at FUDCon Toronto. After the whole first day, I finally realized he was the same guy as Finalzone, who I knew from the forums was also from Vancouver. But it was only after we both got back to Vancouver that we realized he works at the Safeway right up the street from me and I'd been buying groceries off him for years! It's funny how, if you encounter someone in sufficiently different contexts, you just don't twig that it's the same person...

Anyway, Luya has a blog post about the release theme concepts. The team would love feedback on the design mailing list, and if you have a design concept to contribute, go ahead and post it to the wiki page. Martin Sourada also has a post up on the topic. Here's your chance to help make sure Fedora 14 looks as good as it feels (we hope!)


Paul W. Frields wrote on 2010-06-30 18:52:
I was close to declaring RSS bankruptcy today but I came across this post and it made me chuckle. This is such a great story about how big and yet how small the Fedora family and community is in terms of geography. (Cue that repetitive Disney song. You know the one.) Thanks for posting this, and I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier!
adamw wrote on 2010-06-30 19:06:
glad you liked the story :)