Congratulations to Jared Smith

It's just been announced that Jared Smith will be the new Fedora Project Leader - congratulations to him. I've come across his work in various contexts and he seems like a really smart choice. I'm also happy that RH has again taken on someone who was not an existing RH employee to be the project leader, I think it demonstrates great commitment to the wider Fedora community.

Many thanks of course also to Paul Frields, outgoing FPL, who did a fantastic job in every way. Except possibly his FUDCon Toronto closing speech ;) Only kidding, Paul!


Paul W. Frields wrote on 2010-06-30 19:23:
Three words: Analogies are bad. You won't have Frields to kick around any more! ;-)
adamw wrote on 2010-06-30 19:30:
Indeed, analogies are bad. In fact, it's sort of like... ;)