I'm at FUDCon Zurich! Well, sorta

So I've arrived in town for FUDCon Zurich - I'm at the conference hotel, Allegra, room 220, come knock if you want to say hi. I'm hanging out in #fudcon on IRC but no-one else seems to be there :) I'm giving my presentation quite early on the first day, so I'll spend today updating it (yes, I always prepare well in advance, why do you ask?) as well as working on the F14 Beta release - still clearing blockers for that.

Note that I always show as online on IRC as I use a proxy, but if I'm out of my room and not anywhere I can get on wifi I won't actually be around. So sorry if I don't answer a ping.


Michel S. wrote on 2010-09-17 15:00:
This is the first time I've noticed the IRC channel. Someone forgot to put it up on the Wiki !