Powerline ethernet - it works

I did a bit more of that old geek standby today, tinkering with my home network. I've been connecting my desktop to the router via wifi ever since moving my desk to the living room because otherwise I'd have to trail ethernet across the floor (or route it around the ceiling), but I've just never got great speeds out of my wireless setup - even after buying an N router I never managed to get the wireless going very fast. Plus it just seems nicer to use wired connections for static systems. I considered getting a contractor to run ethernet into the living room but it's kind of expensive and overkill for a small apartment. So today I went and got a D-Link powerline ethernet kit, and what can I say, it works. It's pretty simple - take the adapters out of the box, plug one in near your PC and one near the router, run cables to the PC and the router, and you're done, it just works. Goes about 8x faster than the wireless connection did. I'm happy with it, and it's a lot cheaper and less messy than running ethernet through the walls. So...powerline ethernet, thumbs up!


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