I believe in beginner's luck

I've been interested in poker for a while, though I've never played; I watch quite a lot of it on TV, it's a fascinating intersection between scary math and psychology. So I figured I'd give one of those online sites a shot, the play-money ones. You get $1,000 of fake money to start with; I think the idea is to start out on the limit tables, but no-limit always seemed more interesting to me - so many more variables. From the look of the play it's not a great idea to try and play the no-limit games, even the low-blind ones, starting at $1,000 as you don't have enough money to scare anyone, but I got lucky - folded a ton of hands and lost four hundred fake dollars on a busted draw, then ran from $400 to over $6,000 in about five hands with an all-in flush on a pot where everyone played, a straight, and a couple of two pairs. Hey, this game's easy. Next stop, Vegas! =)


emmet.curran wrote on 2010-11-15 11:42:
Oh dear, reminds me of my very first sporting bet where I had the worst possible outcome - I won. :)
adamw wrote on 2010-11-15 16:23:
haha, I know what you mean. don't worry, I'm not out on the streets yet... betting on sports has always seemed like a great way to lose a lot of money fast to me. a) too unpredictable, b) too subject to rigging.