Fixing the intertubes

Jim Gettys is a hero, and I highly recommend sticking with his recent series of blog posts. Yes, those long, initially apparently slightly nutty rants about 'bufferbloat'. He's just fixing the Internet, is all.

I confidently predict his stuff will find its way into exactly no mainstream news (and probably very little tech press news), which is a bit depressing. After all, it's only, y'know, most of the world economy which now relies on this here Internet thing which we all vaguely expect to just work all the time. It's not complicated, right? Just a bunch of computers all wired into each other. You know. Billions(? are we at billions yet?) of them. All owned by different people, in different countries, connected together in about fifteen thousand different ways, from ethernet to satellite to carrier pigeon. Nothing could go wrong with that, after all.

Even if you only follow about a fifth of what the hell he's talking about (like me...), it's fascinating stuff.


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