Today in Fedora QA: Fedora 21 Alpha TC5, Internationalization Test Day

Hi folks! It's a busy day today in Fedora QA.

First off, the Fedora 21 Alpha release validation process 'officially' kicks off with the release of Alpha TC5. As you can probably tell from the number, we've generated a number of test composes already, but there were major issues with each one so they weren't 'officially' declared (and we didn't create test result pages for them). There are some serious issues with TC5 as well - we know the network install is broken! - but we decided it was time to go ahead and at least announce and run a full validation test on one of the builds. We have made adjustments to the test process to reflect the changes where appropriate, so please double-check test case texts and release page layouts before filing results, and be aware of the new Server results page!

Second - and apologies for the late notice, it was a long weekend here - today is Fedora 21 i18n Test Day. I'm on planes all day, but the great folks from the Fedora i18n/l10n teams will be testing Fedora 21's i18n support over in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC. If you don’t know how to use IRC, you can read these instructions, or just use WebIRC. Please come by and help out if you have a few spare minutes! Thanks.


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