wikitcms and ownCloud stuff

For my salary this week I mostly worked on relval/wikitcms - I shipped 1.7 yesterday which is a major rewrite, on top of recent updates which added support for nightly build testing. relval nightly can create the validation pages for nightly composes, relval report-results can report results in them, and relval testcase-stats and relval user-stats can handle them in statistics generation.

Of course there was some work on the magic wiki templates to go along with that, including some little finicky details like getting valid download URLs for the boot.iso images for Rawhide and Branched nightly composes. It all seems to work pretty well, and we've 'nominated' two Fedora 22 nightly composes for testing so far. The nightly currently being tested is 2014-12-16 - here's the results summary page, and I'm hosting hourly-updated testcase-stats info.

(holy crap, I've got the Maple Leafs / Flyers game going on TV while I write this post - I've missed six goals since I started writing it and it's only half way through the first period...)

Today I spent a bit of time working on my packages, mainly ownCloud. Well, I updated roundcubemail to 1.0.4 and sent out updates for that, too. For ownCloud I backported the upstream updates to its Google Drive support (which, er, I wrote...) which make it compatible with v1.x of Google's API library, updated the client library package to 1.0.6, and dropped the ownCloud package's bundled copy of the 0.6 version of the library, which I've been working on forever - good to finally get it done.

Of course, in the mean time the library went up to 1.1.2 and added an autoloader - unfortunately, not in a way that's very consumable for downstreams. So I sent a pull request to improve that, and I've done a scratch build of 1.1.2 with that patch and verified ownCloud works fine with it. I sent a PR for ownCloud to update its bundled copy to 1.1.2.

If anyone who's using this stuff can test the updates:

that'd be a great help.


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