Fedora 22 Beta, and FedUp Test Day

It's yet another busy week in the world of Fedora QA!

Tomorrow the Fedora 22 Beta will be released. Despite the apparently ever-expanding set of deliverables (images and such), we've only had one week of delays in the 22 schedule so far, this Beta release coming a week late. The bug we didn't manage to fix in time for the initial planned release date was one that prevented Cloud instances from being rebooted, in case you're interested! I learned some stuff (and got my name in the commit log for util-linux) while helping to get that fixed...

The Beta's in pretty good shape overall, with the usual crop of known bugs but probably pretty solidly installable and usable for most folks. I've been running 22 here for some time, of course, and have been really enjoying all the GNOME 3.16 improvements as well as all the Fedora changes.

Tomorrow (2015-04-21) is also a Test Day in another two-Test-Day week! It will be FedUp Test Day. We've already done quite some upgrade testing as part of release validation, but it's always good to have more testers throw more configurations at fedup and make sure it's behaving properly. Obviously you need to have an installation of Fedora 20 or 21 you don't mind using for test purposes, but you can test with a virtual machine if necessary!

All the information is on the Test Day page, and QA and development folks will be available in #fedora-test-day on Freenode IRC (no, you darn kids, that's not a hashtag) to help with any questions or feedback you have. If you don’t know how to use IRC, you can read these instructions, or just use WebIRC. Please do come along and help us test Fedora 22 upgrades if you can!


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