Post-F22 plans

Hi, folks! I've been away on vacation for a few weeks, but I'm back now - if you'd been holding off bugging me about something, please commence bugging now. Of course, I have a metric assload of email backlog to dig out from under.

I'll probably have lots more on the list fairly soon, but just thought I'd kick off with a quick list of stuff I'm intending to do in the post-F22 timeframe:

  • Replace python-wikitcms' homegrown, regex-based mediawiki syntax parsing with mwparserfromhell (which will imply packaging it)
  • Improve python-wikitcms' handling of Test Days and add a new tool (a relval analog for Test Days) - initial focus on getting useful stats out, but I may set up a similar wiki template-based Test Day page creation system so you can create the initial page for a Test Day with a single command
  • Write openQA tests for more of the release validation test cases

I should also add better logging and unit tests to python-wikitcms, fedfind and relval, but let's be honest, I'll probably wind up doing shiny exciting things instead...

I'm also going to update the ownCloud packages to 8.0.4 (everything except EPEL 6) and 7.0.6 (EPEL 6) soon.


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